NutraBio Intra Blast – 30 Servings (Tropical Fruit Punch)

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Product Description

nutrabio labsnutrabio labs

intra blast eaa zero sugar okg amino acid taurine glutamine betaineintra blast eaa zero sugar okg amino acid taurine glutamine betaine

full transparency purity third 3rd party tested testfull transparency purity third 3rd party tested test

full disclosure low sodium electrolytesfull disclosure low sodium electrolytes

nutra bio labsnutra bio labs

INSTANITIZED AND FERMENTED BCAAs – Intra Blast leverages the scientifically supported ratio of 2:1:1 to support recovery and reduce delayed onset muscle soreness. Research has shown that these can spare muscle wasting during prolonged exercise.
EAA COMPLEX – EAAs have been shown to contribute to protein synthesis, are important for recovery after intense exercise, and serve many other important physiological functions in the body.
STRENGTH AND PERFORMANCE- Intra Blast combines TMG and OKG to preserve muscle tissue, reduce fatigue, and increase endurance.
ELECTROLYTE & HYDRATION OPTIMIZER – A combination of Taurine and electrolytes helps to maintain water balance in the muscles, facilitate motor neuron function, and increases exercise capacity.

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