Expand Your Intellectual Horizon & Boost Your Mental Health by Pondering a Few Existential Mysteries


Way back, within the earliest days of our homo sapiens species, men and women certainly questioned, of their vogue, How did our form get began and what occurs after we’re accomplished? That’s, What got here earlier than our start and what to anticipate after loss of life? 200 thousand or so years later, many if not most of us are nonetheless questioning, although a lot of oldsters aren’t snug with such speculations and like to not dwell thereon.

Honest sufficient. Free nation and all of that, however I believe avoidance is a missed alternative for enlarging one’s mental horizon. This subject deserves a place as honest recreation for REAL wellness explorations.


Not like circumstances extant throughout the instances of our most distant ancestors, most youngsters in current centuries are supplied pre-packaged tales or myths that deal with these questions. Nonetheless, the myths don’t encourage exploration or curiosity; somewhat, they supply solutions, although not universally satisfying. Practically limitless sorts of explanations have been on supply in different elements of the Earth. The fashionable fables with which we’re acquainted contact on these questions, however deal with Why are we right here and How should we conduct ourselves.

The preferred packages have frequent options. They’re based mostly upon honored books stated to be authored or at the very least impressed by supernatural beings, all-powerful and all highly effective. Mystical, invisible potentates are stated to have created every part and stay in cost, not simply of Earth however the complete photo voltaic system, our galaxy and hundreds of thousands of billions of different galaxies in our superb and increasing universe.

The key explanatory methods of our personal time have particular representatives uniquely approved to interpret what the one true controlling invisible power needs of us, aided and abetted within the efficiency of their roles by distinctive costumes, unique entry to and use of treasured objects, rituals and procedures that adherents should observe.

Most individuals are uncovered to and indoctrinated in one of many pre-packaged explanatory methods. Followers of 1 system or one other dwell their lives, with various levels of success, guided by the system ingrained by their households and cultures. By the point they attain maturity, younger adults are absolutely indoctrinated and cross alongside the system they absorbed as kids to their very own offspring.


One among many issues with the methods that deal with the grand basis existential questions famous (i.e., whence did we cometh, why are we right here and wither will we goeth) is that methods are incompatible. This results in battle, mayhem and holy horrors. One other downside is that, at finest, just one, at most, might be appropriate. Alas, all are unattainable to confirm. Many individuals at the moment, known as skeptics (or infidels, heretics, freethinkers, blasphemers, and so forth.), consider solutions supplied by all such methods are elaborate gibberish. They contemplate what most are led and bred to consider about existential mysteries to be nonsensical. By the point individuals attain maturity, they’ve had the advantage of schooling and life experiences. Thus, greater than a few start to suspect that the reasons given about such questions are suspect at finest, and probably easy folklore, like tales about Santa, tooth fairies, goblins and elves.

Except for true believers, followers of most religion methods at privately have hassle going alongside, taking the nebulous choices hook-line-and proverbial sinker-like. Some, about a third of the grownup inhabitants in America, do not go alongside in any respect. No shock, maybe, I am one in every of them.


How do skeptics resolve, to their very own satisfaction, at the very least momentarily till new prospects come to thoughts, these existential questions? How did our form actually get began and what actually occurs after we’re accomplished? That’s, What got here earlier than our start and what to anticipate after loss of life?

After all I do not know, however I discover explanations supplied by science extra believable than magical superstitions on supply. Science represents the perfect likelihood, statistically and logically, philosophically and in any other case, of understanding actuality. Naturally, we do not and may’t know something with confidence about final beginnings or hard-to-imagine afterlife futures. What, save an everlasting void, might there be? For us quickly sufficient, and our photo voltaic system a mere 4 or 5 billion years later, a void awaits, because it was to start with.

Nicely, this is my tackle that–no worries.

It is invaluable to develop your personal opinions about life’s nice existential enigmas or conundrums–and expressing them freely. My very own opinions are fairly simple–there are not any causes for our existence, that’s, there is no such thing as a grand design.

Not that I would thoughts an afterlife, if I might conceive of such a factor. I would like to as soon as once more have a likelihood to hug and pet my boyhood finest pal, previous Rufus, my devoted childhood canine, maybe to romp about with him on Sugarcandy Mountain. In line with Moses the Raven in George Orwell’s Animal Farm, Sugarcandy Mountain is the place animals go once they die to reap the rewards from their work on earth. On Sugarcandy Mountain, the animals take pleasure in leisure, plentiful meals, and candy treats.

Sounds good, however I believe the mountain could be overrun with canines, so until their sanitary habits magically evolve after loss of life, I would preserve quick my time on doggie mountain.

Naturally, Robert Inexperienced Ingersoll, the Nice Agnostic, had a whimsical concept about an afterlife. On the conclusion of an deal with on the Lotus Membership’s twentieth Anniversary on the night of March 22, 1890, he concluded his remarks with these phrases:

When I’m at such a gathering as this, I virtually want I had had the making of the world. What a world I’d have made! In that world unhappiness would have been the one sin; melancholy the one crime; pleasure the one advantage. And whether or not there may be one other world, no person is aware of. No person can affirm it; no person can deny it. No person can accumulate tolls from me, claiming that he owns a turnpike, and no person can definitely say that the crooked path that I observe, beside which many roses are rising, doesn’t result in that place. He would not know. But when there may be such a place, I hope that each one good fellows and women might be welcome. Robert Inexperienced Ingersoll (1833-1899)


Life is meaningless–always was and can stay so so long as we final. Create your meanings, discover your functions. This realityshould be perceived as excellent news. It means we’re free, not beholden to or enslaved by grand potentates within the sky, ready to make use of our minds to purpose, to hunt intervals of exuberance, to take care of ourselves and expertise as a lot liberty as we are able to handle. The time for pleasure, to like and be properly, form and of use is now.

Bonne likelihood.

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